Chihuahua, México. 1982
Adriana Ronquillo is a multidisciplinary artist and a true lover of drawing. Her work constitutes a reflection on the conflictive relationship between humans and nature, the modern and the traditional.
Adriana holds a Master’s degree in Visual Arts from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).
She studied animation at the Hochschule für Künst (HFK) in Bremen Germany, and a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from La Esmeralda School for Painting, Sculpture and Engraving in Mexico City. In 2015, she received the the Young Artist grant from the National Fund of Culture in Mexico.
Her work received many recognitions, such as the first prize at the Think Forward Film Festival in Venice, Italy; Ojo Latinoamericano award from Bolivia’s International Human Rights Festival; and the National University’s first prize during the International Animation Day in Mexico.
Her two most recent animations, Ticho and Fosca Liebre, were selected to be part of the official catalogue of the Cannes Court Métrage (Short Film Corner) at the Cannes Film Festival in France (2018, 2014). Throughout 2014-2018, Adriana presented and exhibited her work in more than 50 occasions in different museums and forms in Latin America, Europe, the United States and Palestine.
2017    Ticho, experimental animation, 17´22´´
2014     Fosca Liebre, experimental animation, 17´54´´
2018    Hello Seahorse, Teatro Metropolitan, music videoclip, 3´00´´
2018    Se va la vida compañera, documentary animation, 1´00´´
2018     El Cubo de las Democracias*, TV Animation, 2´00´´
2018     Somos Valientes Yucatan con Lidya Cacho*, TV animation, 3´00´´
2018    ABC Elecciones, Un día con, TV Animation.
2017     Intersexual*, documentary animation, 2´30´´
2017     El Che, una odisea africana, TV animation, 2´00´´
2017     Las Visitadoras, short documentary film, 2´00´´
2017     Las batallas en el desierto by José Emilio Pacheco, illustration for the Arabic edition (translation to Arabic by Shadi Rohana, and published by Qadita Books, Palestine)
2016    Brave Now world, animated music videoclip, 3´15´´
2016    LLueve, documentary animation (work in progress), 3´00´´
2016   Noticieros Después de Todo, TV animation
2016    La mina, experimental animation, 3´00´´
2010    Un segundo, experimental animation, 2´41´´